I offer both doula services and natural childbirth classes. I trained through Childbirth International and under the doula (and longtime friend) I had for my two births. I am a Christian committed to helping you through your entire birth experience. I have a solid belief that your body was created to do this; with God’s strength and those he has placed around you.

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Ideal Birth Plan

After a few of my own and many hospital births I have revamped what my current ideal birthing plan would be.  Click on over to Your Thriving Family for the skinny and follow the link to some more info on why I believe birthing plans are important.

Breast Milk Increase

I have been wanting to make these for MONTHS now.   The little man and I finally got around to making them this last week.  As a doula I am constantly being asked for ways to increase milk supply. There are a ton of anecdotal ways to try to do this, but I had never heard of cookies until a few months ago when I was perusing The Humbled Homemaker's wonderful blog.

There is nothing in these that will effect the balance of your kiddo's or husband's body - so they are safe for the whole family to eat!  They aren't as sweet as typical cookies, but they are really good as a guiltless treat or even an on the go snack - such as you would use a granola of energy bar.  This recipe is slightly different that the original and still have all the good nutritional boosts you need to give your baby some great milk!

Hop over to my family blog for more info and the recipe.  These are REALLY yummy and will hopefully help you continue to nourish your little one.

Breastfeeding Benefits

My number one reason for breastfeeding is God designed breastfeeding specifically for our children!  Women's bodies were built to birth and breastfeed - in addition to all our other roles.

With all of my reading as a doula and mommy, I can’t help but hope the benefits become more commonly known.  That those of us who wholeheartedly believe in breastfeeding talk to and help support other moms through the struggles that come with it.  It is SO worth it!

To read this post head on over to Christian Mommy Blogger for the Benefits of Breastfeeding.  If you are currently breastfeeding and need a little encouragement or still on the fence about it please look for more in this series in the coming weeks there.

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